Activating your QVscribe for Word

After Installation, access QVscribe for Word via the new QVscribe tab in your Word Home ribbon.

Click the QVscribe button and you will then be prompted to select your license type.


QVscribe for Individual Activation

If you have a single-user license, press the QVscribe for Individuals button and a screen to enter your license key will appear.

 Enter your license key (including the dashes), and then press Validate.

A request file will then be placed on your desktop. Please send this license request to The requested file is a secure key that allows the QVscribe license to work on your computer. You will be able to access QVscribe in the meantime if you select Skip activation.  You will have access to 5 days of trial usage before you need to insert your license.


Once you receive your license, select QVscribe for Individuals on your QVscribe ribbon, then Update License and insert your license file. The screen will show the name and expiration date for the license (as shown in the example to the right). Press Continue to finish the activation process.


QVscribe for Team Activation

 If you are part of an organization using QVscribe for Teams, press the QVscribe for Teams button. You will be prompted to enter the IP address to the QVscribe Teams Server in your organization. This address should be provided to you by your IT administrator.

After entering the IP address, please select whether you will be connecting via Active Directory or Local. Active Directory will automatically connect you to the server based on your computer login credentials. If you are using a Local connection, you will need to enter a Username and Password. This information should be provided to you by your IT administrator. Press Connect to your QVscribe for Teams Server.

Upon successful connection, you will see a “Server Validated” message.

If you are connecting locally, you will then be prompted to enter your username and password.

Press Continue to finish the activation process and to launch the QVscribe pane on the active document