Configuring what Artifact Types are Analyzed in QVscribe for DOORS Next

Artifact Analysis Settings

Within the QVscribe Chrome Extension, the Artifact Analysis settings can be found under User Settings.


In the left column titled “Artifacts Analyzed” is the list of artifact types that QVscribe will include in the summary analysis feature.

Managing Artifact Types to be Analyzed

By default, as you browse from module to module within DOORS NG, QVscribe will automatically detect and add any new artifact types that are being used within a module and not present in the “Artifacts not Analyzed” column to the set of “Artifacts Analyzed”.

Remove Artifacts from Summary Analysis

If there is an Artifact type you do not wish to be included in the summary analysis, simply select it from the “Artifacts Analyzed” set and select “Remove”.

At least one artifact type must be enabled within the “Artifact Analyzed”  set setting for QVscribe.

Including Artifacts in Summary Analysis

If there are any artifact types that you would like to be included in the summary analysis, simply select them from the “Artifacts Not Analyzed” column set and select the “Select for Analysis” button.

Once selected, the module is refreshed in your browser and the QVscribe icon is displayed in the module, the summary view will include the analysis for the newly added artifact type.