Removing all Requirement marks in QVscribe for Excel

When using QVscribe, marks are added to the document’s metadata that outline the selected requirements. These marks are an extremely useful tool in gathering all requirements into one easily accessible and navigable list. The marks are also used for the analysis and are a helpful aid when working within the analysis results.

In some instances, you may need to create a clean copy of an Excel document that has been previously analyzed in QVscribe, and that does not include these marks (QVscribe marks may be visible to others that open the document in Excel, even if they do not have QVscribe). In this case, you may remove all marks by pressing Remove Marks on the QVscribe toolbar.

A confirmation window will ask you to confirm that you are about to remove all visible marks from the document. Press OK to confirm or Cancel to leave the QVscribe marks in the Excel document.

Tip: You can save a copy of your marked requirements documents before removing marks to further speed up any later revisions if needed.