Removing Single Requirements from Analysis in QVscribe for Word

You can remove requirements directly from the QVscribe Quality Analysis screen. Each requirement row in the Quality Analysis screen has an ‘X’ in the far -right-hand side that will immediately remove the requirement from the QVscribe environment (it will not affect the actual requirement on the document beyond removing the QVscribe mark from it).

Once you click the ‘X’, QVscribe will send a prompt to confirm if you are sure you want to remove this requirement. If you do not wish to see this prompt again, you can click ‘Don’t show this message again’

You can also remove requirements from the Word document by right clicking the requirement and then clicking ‘Remove Content Control’. This is a useful feature if rogue sentences make it into the QVscribe environment.



Note: Removing a single requirement will immediately invalidate the Consistency and Similarity analyses as these may depend on that requirement. You will need to rerun this analysis after removing a requirement to see the Consistency and Similarity results.